Visit the botanical splendours of The Lost Gardens of Heligan during your stay...

The Lost Gardens of Heligan is an amazing garden complex located near the village of Pentewan… and just an hour from My Sleepy Hollow. We have negotiated a 10% discount on entry prices, so be sure to ask us for the code during your stay with us.

Heligan is a glorious collection of tropical plants, gardens, walks, and enchanting giant sculptures that emerge from lush greenery. The gardens have been rediscovered and restored to their former glory across the impressive 80 acres.

The Tremayne family purchased Heligan in 1659 and they tended for the estate between 1829 and 1907. During this time, they added numerous large-scale plantations of ferns and rhododendrons.

The arrival of WW1 interrupted the maintenance and care that the gardens required, and they fell into disrepair along with the villa that had previously been used as a field hospital and then as accommodation for American troops.

In 1990 an heir of the Tremayne family gained help and financial support from enthusiasts to restore beauty to the gardens. Amazingly, the renovation work was completed within a year and as a result was reported in The Times as “the restoration project of the century’.

We are so lucky to have The Lost Gardens of Heligan so close at hand as they are considered to be one of the most interesting botanical gardens in the UK. The dramatic landscape at Heligan includes incredible plants, flowers, walkways, and captivating sculptures that appear from the ground. These include The Giant Head and The Mud Maid and are covered in vegetation that allows them to alter in appearance according to the season of the year.

An impressive ‘Jungle’ area sits within a steep sided valley and is home to an exotic range of plants from all around the world including banana plantations, giant rhubarb, palms, and towering bamboo.

The jungle area maintains its own microclimate which remains 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the gardens, and spanning it is one of the largest Burmese rope bridges in the UK.

Heligan is also the only place in Europe where the pineapple is grown. An ancient technique, used in colder climates, is used that adopts the heat produced by manure.

Many species of wildlife have created habitats in this paradise, including foxes, otters, and predatory birds.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan offer an ever-changing spectacle and are a definite ‘must do’ when visiting Cornwall. There are guided tours with courses to recognise edible plants, there are theatrical events and various shows throughout the year too...

All information regarding opening hours and admission prices can be found on their website; don’t forget to ask us for the My Sleepy Hollow 10% Discount Code before you visit.

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