The benefits of Solar Power at My Sleepy Hollow

It’s really not that long ago that the use of solar power was only common place with those ahead of the game in environmentalism; the concept of us generating electricity using simply the power of the sun was like a fanciful dream for many.

Solar Panel Installation at My Sleepy Hollow Cornwall

But, as we have faced the immediate effects around the world of global warming, the use of solar power is now commonly recognised as one of a number or renewable energy sources that are available. These renewable energy sources eradicate the use of fossil fuels that encourage global warming.

Using the gifts that nature bestows upon us is fundamental to the ethos of the site we are creating here. The efficient use of energy is essential, and means that renewable energy obtained from energy already passing through the natural environment is a goal we will always set ourselves.

Solar installation at

My Sleepy Hollow...

We are so pleased with our installation of solar panels here at My Sleepy Hollow.

We have had 48 panels installed on our roof and they went live in March this year.

Since our solar panels went live last month we've generated 1800 hours of electricity... That's the equivalent of saving 702kg of CO2 and planting 2.25 trees!

As My Sleepy Hollow develops continues to grow, our panels will be generating 50 units of electricity a day that will help supply our four luxury apartments and the rest of the site.

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