My Sleepy Hollow is the perfect base for Romantic Days Out in Cornwall...

We have five luxurious 5* apartments at our adults only resort, and are nestled in the Tamar Valley, away from the crowds, to guarantee peace and relaxation after a busy day out exploring... Contact us now for our best rates.

We love to give our guests suggestions for places to visit when staying with us at My Sleepy Hollow so here’s a few for you to consider when planning your days out. Many of these ideas will take you to the great outdoors, but there’s lots to do indoors too.

Manors and gardens are just as at home in Cornwall as our lovely beaches, so your days out in Cornwall can feature romantic doses of dramatic architecture and hidden spaces alongside beautiful beach and countryside walks...

The Eden Project

Eden really is a nature centric paradise… walking through the entrance is like going through a portal to another world! The prolific grounds and gardens are abundant with marvellous sites and the biomes (the famous bubble like conservatories) host South African flora in one, Mediterranean fruits in another and one is a rainforest environment.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The romantic in you will pounce upon the opportunity to visit these wonderful gardens. Rediscovered in the 90’s, these gardens are infamous throughout the country for their dramatic restoration project.

The Minack Theatre

A theatre in the cliffs?.. Yes, there really is one and it is an amazing sight. This breath taking open-air amphitheatre is carved out of a cliffside, with the stage backed by the open sea. It is well worth a visit during a day out, and if you time it right you may well see a romantic performance.

Charlestown Shipwreck Centre

Who hasn’t dreamt of scavenging for treasure?.. Well this centre leaves you able to reap the stories of both treasure and tragedy and is steeped in history,

The museum features a mesmerising collection of shipwreck artefacts from over 150 wreck sites, and is built into underground tunnels.

Cotehele Estate

Slate grey roofs top the Tudor home of the Edgcumbe family. It medieval roots are clear to see with dated furniture, tapestries and armour on display that will transport you back in time.

The estate is also home to formal and informal gardens leading to stunning sights alongside the Tamar river quay. Within the grounds you will also find a museum and quaint tea rooms.

Bodmin Jail

Ok, perhaps not romantic to most people, but Bodmin Jail has to have mention as a great place to visit whilst in the area following its restoration.

Take advantage of a chilling interactive tour around the jail, and learn about 18th and 19th century life. There is lotsa to learn about life as an inmate, and how the jail came to be. Technology plays a big part in the tour with projected images, theatrical voices and spooky sights to help you dive into the dark history.

Tintagel Castle

Visit the cliffs of the rugged North coastline, and see the remains of Tintagel Castle. Learn about tales of King Arthur and travel across the stunning new bridge that spans the plunging drop between the two sides of the site.


Another of Cornwall’s expanse of manor houses and Victorian architecture. The estate dates back to the 17th Century but its current form was built after a fire in 1881. The grounds draw visitors all year round to explore the well maintained gardens through every season.

Woodland gardens are home to cycle trails and bring you at one with nature.

The manor itself is an attraction in itself with many vast halls to explore. State rooms, wings, a nursery, kitchen and sculleries… there is so much history to explore.

Pinetum Gardens

The perfect opportunity to spend some time outside but in not too vast a space. The gardens are a level space with plenty to explore, and are relatively young.

The Soul Bird Trail is a relaxing wander giving time to reflect during a visit to the Japanese Garden.

St Michaels Mount

A really good addition to any lists of possible days out; St Michael’s Mount is an island brimming with thousands of years of history. Romantic and magical, a cobbled causeway zigzags its way to the base of the island, but is then hidden when the tide comes in.

Crowning the top of the island is the castle which sits at the top of a sloping mount. Surrounding it are intimate gardens that are maintained by the small local community.

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

An interesting glimpse into magics that have been practiced historically. The museum showcases objects used in rituals across Europe over the years. From folk magic to ceremonial magic to more established Wiccan practice, the museum delves into the history of Witchcraft.

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